Teen Kungfu & Kickboxing

Teen Kungfu & Kickboxing

Open Enrollment

Classes for ages 13-17 start Thursday, April 2, 2020!

Every Tuesday & Thursday from 5-6pm.


Kickboxing basics – Punches, kicks, footwork and blocks are the basic movements behind boxing, san da (san shou, boji) and muay thai. Techniques are practiced through padwork, partner drills and shadowboxing. Lots of fun yet crucial for self defense training!

Traditional Shaolin Forms Taolu or forms, have been used for centuries to pass down martial art techniques to future generations. Consistent practice of these prearranged fighting movements conditions and unifies the body and mind. This increases body awareness, good posture, sharpened memories, rhythm and flow.

Stretching, strengthening drills and calisthenics – Many people never learn to properly stretch and exercise which can lead to unnecessary injury. Our classes prioritize proper instruction in form and technique so that students condition their bodies in the safest and most effective way possible.


  • Confidence and self esteem – Teens who believe in and value themselves are more likely to stand up to bullies. They are more likely to assume leadership roles yet are secure enough in themselves to support when others are in the lead.
  • Self Defense – Requires a good combination of physical techniques as well as a strong mindset.
  • Social Skills – Martial Arts training requires self control and respect for oneself and others. By practicing self awareness and stillness, emotions will become balanced. This allows for the development of intuition, insightful thinking and appropriate responses to situations.
  • Mental abilities – Your teen will experience improved memory and concentration skills. They will develop intention and determination.
  • Improved physical fitness and health – Coordination, balance and fitness, strength and sharper reflexes are some of the natural developments


$125 per month: Enroll by March 20th and get a free uniform t-shirt

$320 for three months: Enroll by March 20th and receive a free uniform shirt and kungfu shoes.

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